Monday, February 26, 2007

The Need For The Kayak Accessory

Kayaking is a simple sport. It is all about a person, a basic boat and a paddle. The paddle is a matter of choice. The European paddle can increase speed while the Greenland paddle helps maintain stability. The kayak can be chosen to fit the type of water that will be traveled and the kind of sport that will be played. Whether sight-seeing or competitive whitewater racing, there is a kayak specifically made to fit. But a kayak and paddle alone is not enough. Rough water means waterproof gear. A tight kayak means special foot gear. Safety calls for helmets and flotation devices. Unless you live on the shore of a lake, river or ocean, you will need a way to get your kayak to water.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fun with it

Most kayaks are built for one paddler, some are built for two. The one-man kayak is easy to maneuver. The two-man kayak has more space for cargo. Every kayak should firm seating and be the right size for the paddler’s legs. Often when a small kayak is preferred, as for playboating, the kayak isn’t much larger than the person using it. Whatever the need or preference, a kayak can be found to fit it in a choice of rigid, folding or inflatable kayak. Kayaking purists don’t approve of a kayak with a rudder.

Others like the steerablity that it affords. For the hobbyist, there’s nothing wrong with using a sea kayak with a rudder or other steering help. Again, there’s a choice of rudder or not in rigid, folding and inflatable kayak. All three types of kayak are durable, even the inflatable kayak is made to last for years. Portability is greater for the folding and the inflatable kayak. As for price, in a comparison of models with similar purpose and features, the inflatable kayak is usually the least expensive. Of course, used kayaks and online auctions can result in great bargains.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Blow It Up

If you expect an inflatable kayak to be flimsy, you are wrong. Kayaks are generally intended to be lightweight and maneuverable and an inflatable kayak made of sturdy modern materials has all the best qualities of any other type. Rather than choosing a kayak for the material it’s made from, choose according to your plans for it. A flatter bottom makes for a kayak that feels stable. If you are after a kayak for gentle waters like a still lake, such an inflatable kayak is right. For water with waves or currents, a more v-shaped bottom allows the user to ride the water by tipping to balance. Some kayakers prefer a tight fitting cockpit while others worry about difficulty in getting out if the kayak rolls. Whichever your preference, you can find an inflatable kayak to fit. There’s a choice between kayaks that turn easily and those that straight-paddle well. Most kayaks can’t do both.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Consider An Inflatable Kayak

When most people think of a kayak, they picture a solid vessel – probably of some sturdy plastic – but there are other kinds of kayaks available. The folding kayak is made of a wood, plastic or aluminum frame covered with waterproof fabric. This type resembles the original kayaks made of driftwood and animal skin. Today, there is also the inflatable kayak alternative. While inflatable boats are usually not taken seriously, that’s not true for kayaks. There’s an inflatable kayak for every kind of kayaking from gentle sea kayaking to the wildest whitewater kayaking. You can’t beat the portability either.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Where can I Find a Folding Kayak?

In regards to where you should go to purchase a folding kayak, there are actually a number of different locations that would make great choices. One in particular would be at; they are a company which has many different kinds of models and they are a company which is known worldwide for its high quality goods and low prices.

Another excellent option would be, which is a company that has been producing folding boats continuously since 1933, and that is longer than any other kayak company in the world, which is truly impressive to say the least. As well, they were established in London, England, and many improvements to the original folding boat have been made, but none are as dramatic as their current series.

They have truly produced a folding boat that requires little to no maintenance, is incredibly strong and durable, and is easily assembled. Some of their most popular boats would include that of: Cooper, Aleut, Kodiak, Yukon, Greenland II, and the Kiawah, for instance. Their online website is incredibly easy to navigate through, and so if you want to shop at this company, going online to see their site would be an excellent idea.

Of course there are also many other options that are available, and if you would rather go directly into the store as opposed to shop online, then you will have to find a store that offers folding kayaks that is located in your area. To do this you can use the Internet, or you can just go off of word of mouth; ask your friends and family members and odds are that they will be able to let you know where the best place would be for you to go.

Folding kayaks are truly a great purchase, and so if you are into outdoor sports and if you are considering buying folding kayaks, then you should know that you are making a great decision.

The Advantages of a Folding Kayak and Where you can Find one

There are many advantages that come with a folding kayak, and so even if you are just considering purchasing a folding kayak, you will certainly want to know all of these, as well as where you should go to get the best folding kayak that you possibly can, and at the best price as well, of course.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Use Of A Fishing Kayak In The Modern World

The fascination for kayaks by the modern human beings was mainly due to the fact that the kayak has an exceptional design which for all practical purposes makes it totally unsinkable. The fishing kayak however, can capsize easily, and it does so pretty often. You should not only be aware of this drawback, you should know how to right the boat without panicking when you are bottoms up, head in the water.

When the kayak is used for fishing, it is adapted to the purpose. There is a larger cockpit where you can keep supplies for up to 15 days, the kayak is slightly longer and heavier and there is a protective waterproof sheet which can effectively cover the food and other supplies.

The fishing kayak is used only in Class I (water is still, smooth and has no other disturbance) and maximum Class II (slightly turbulent waters, but easily maneuverable) waters, since the main purpose for employing a kayak here is to be able to fish.

The fishing kayak makes a great means for entertainment and relaxation. People usually go in groups of three to four for fishing expeditions and generally have more fun than they bargained for in the process. The fishing kayak has a great advantage above all other crafts, because it makes absolutely no noise in the water and hence you can hunt and fish using the surprise element to your advantage.

The fishing kayak and fishing at sea can be highly addictive. The kayak has it in its design the ability to become one with the people who sit inside it. Once you are in it, your body becomes an extension to this boat. Though during fishing expeditions you would not be require to make any stunts, it is good to be prepared for it. As mentioned earlier, the kayak capsizes easily and hence, this might scare you a lot unless you are used to the feeling of having your head immersed in the water every now and then.